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Section 1 – Introduction

This section includes the following:

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My objectives in creating the primer

As I began pulling the pieces together for this primer I became overwhelmed with how much excellent material was available on art and art history on the internet. My initial objectives were very simple because this was being developed for my granddaughters in the summer of 2016:

As I began to share the initial releases of the primer with others I began to get positive feedback which encouraged me to do more with the primer. See the section on Feedback. My objectives expanded in that I wanted to:

What you will find inside and working with the primer

Suggestions on working with the primer

Since I needed to spread quite a bit of information (art or artist information) in table form across the top of a page, It turned out using landscape mode was best. In addition, one would probably not print the entire document in that it is long and it could use a lot of your ink to print everything. Each page you select will print in landscape mode.


I started with Version 1 in the early summer of 2016 and officially felt it was completed in September 2016, I continually made enhancements and began adding Version numbers. It probably is not interesting to know what changed along the way, but I would like to state that the current Version 6 has over 1,000 hours of my effort to make this a document which would meet my objectives to the best of my abilities.

Dedication of the Art Primer

I wish to dedicate this to my two granddaughters, Addy and Baily who have made my life so complete since they were born. After visiting the Pr ado Museum in Madrid in April 2016, I came to the realization that I wanted to learn more about art and history; and I wanted my granddaughters to have exposure to the great artists and their works. By creating this primer I was able to start the process for myself, Addy, and Baily.

I would also like to thank, posthumously, my school secretary at Berwyn Elementary, Ms. McGee. She must have been a true lover of art to take the time each month to impart her knowledge to a group of sixth graders. Her instruction, at a minimum, allowed me to recognize the works of some of the Masters over the years. More than likely, if I had not had the early instruction, I would have not realized how important it is for young children to learn something about the artists and their work. Of course, I also want to dedicate this to my wife Terry who encouraged me along the way. When it was complete and she reviewed it, I asked her what I should change to make it better; she replied, “I would not change anything – it is perfect”. After viewing the document you will see it is far from perfect, but I hope you find it a great tool.

Feedback would be appreciated

I would really like to hear back from you. My personal email is I truly hope you find enjoyment in what I created for my granddaughters.